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Postcard of the Week: San Felipe de Puerto Plata


Wherever you end up staying in the Puerto Plata area, carve out a half-day to stroll through the city–officially called San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Take in its colorful Victorian architecture, its museums, local comedores cafes, and newly cobblestoned streets leading you down to the seafront Malecon.

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Christmas in the Dominican Republic


The holidays have passed, but now that I have a loaned computer again (my Mac has been in repair since late November) I couldn’t help but share my Christmas experience in the countryside of the Dominican Republic. It was one of the most memorable celebrations I’ve experienced overseas.

My friend Alejandro invited me to spend almost an entire week in his hometown of Mamey, north of the country. Mamey is the kind of small place I always imagined growing up–homes tucked in rolling hills, and days surrounded with your extended family, friendly neighbors who know your name and familiar sounds of Continue reading »