My Article on Belizean Music on National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel Blog

I’m happy to report that my article, “The Music of Belize,” originally published on the Matador Network, was selected and included this week in National Geographic Intelligent Travel Blog’s “The Radar feature.

Discovering the diverse music of Belize was one of the most unexpected and fun highlights of my three-month journey there, from July through September.

I was lucky to experience several concerts, fairs and carnivals around the country – all part of the pre-celebrations for Belize’s 30th Independence this year.

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Note: Pen Cayetano is the creator of Belize’s Punta Rock genre. He’s also a talented painter. I was invited to meet the couple after I wrote the piece on Belizean music, and really hope to get the chance to visit them in the near future.

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  1. Great Videos! Paul Nabor is a living legend and right now we need as much video and audio documentation of his craft as possible.