Belize Independence Fever: Pan Yaad at the Belize House of Culture

What a beautiful night yesterday! Standing by the sea, moon rising, watching and listening to five or was it six different steel bands – young and old – playing their hearts out together at the House of Culture in Belize City. I’m told last night was the largest crowd at this event in four years.

Everyone was enjoying the old school and Caribbean beatsfrom Kool & The Gang to soca tunes on steel pan not to mention the stunning decor of reds and blues against the House of Culture’s majestic white.

The countdown to Belize’s 30th Independence has definitely begun… four more days to go till the 21st. Or actually, the 20th evening for the raising of the Flag and the fireworks.

Speaking of, I still need to get a flag – I could’ve used one yesterday to jump up with the others at the end of the show!

In the meantime, off I go to cover yet another September Celebrations event.